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Certified Health Coach  (CHC ) and Certified Life Coach (CLC ) At Precision Nutrition

Level 1 Sleep, Stress Management and Recovery Coaching (SSM)

Science backed macro diet.

Why Choose Me

experience, education, personal attention, meet your nutritional and health goals!

Macros, Weigh-ins

 Evidence based, easy to follow, balanced macros, real food. Portion control, Fat loss, maintain, muscle gain. 

Learn how to get off of the couch 

and become more active and healthy.  

Build skills, Learn proper portions, growth mindset, ​

Compassion, Growth Mindset, Solutions, Work Life Balance,

Sleep Management...

Tiny habits to build on, for a successful future


Make yourself stronger than your excuses.

  • Each skill builds on the previous one.​ 


Nutrition coach, accountability, easy on-line coaching, weekly check-in, coaching calls.

Sharon Perkins

Certified Nutrition Coach


Certified Health Coach  (CHC ) and certified Life Coach (CLC ) At Precision Nutrition

Level 1 Sleep, Stress Management, and Recovery Coaching Certification. As well

as other certifications that deal 

with life situations. 



National Academy of Sports Medicine

Certified Personal Trainer

Personal Development, Health & Physical Education 


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