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I have loved every minute of my journey

Weight loss help, Accountability, Nutrition help.
Transformation from 286 to 128

An Idea is Born:

Sharon Perkins - Nutrition Coach - Certified Personal Trainer


My health and fitness journey ultimately began after many years of YoYo dieting, I decided it was time to change my life forever.  I have walked in those shoes, at 286lbs it was time for change. At 60 years young I am physically and mentally healthier than ever. 

Along the way people have been asking me for help, so Bottom's Up Nutrition was created to help people on their health and fitness path.  


My nutrition coaching program focuses on whole foods, guidance, and accountability, supported by Level 1 Precision Nutrition certified Coach (PN L1). My systematic approach helps create lifestyle habits, as well as easy to follow hand portions to help you feel more confident.


My education includes:

Certifications through NASM, as well as Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified! Nutrition Coaching through Precision Nutrition, with several specialty certifications for specific issues we often face.

My family:

I am married, have two adult children, A wonderful Son-in-Law, and beautiful daughter-in-Law, 5 wonderful Grandchildren and our very cute dog named Tucker. I also work in Veterinary Emergency Medicine. I am a recreational power lifter, and I dabble in Copics and water color. 


Lets Talk

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My Story

I hope I am someone you are willing to trust in your journey. 

I love working with people who want to end Yo-Yo dieting, stopping and starting over, and end the negative diet language.

Sharon Perkins Nutrition Coach. NASM and Precision Nutrition certified
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